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Expert: Dengue patients should get tested for Chikungunya, too

KUALA LUMPUR: People living in Chikungunya endemic areas should get themselves tested for the disease other than getting a standard dengue test, says Sungai Buloh Hospital Infectious Disease Unit head Datuk Dr Christopher Lee.

Wash your hands often to reduce communicable diseases

Children, washing your hands regularly can keep germs away

Firmer regulations on antibiotics need to be in place

KUALA LUMPUR: It all started with a difficulty in urinating, the result of an enlarged prostate blocking the urine flow.

Huge increase in deaths from superbug infections

KUALA LUMPUR: Deaths caused by a superbug which usually affects long-term care patients using invasive devices has increased significantly within four years.

How dangerous is pneumonia?

PETALING JAYA: When people think of pneumonia, they tend to equate it with the elderly and those with weaker immune systems.

Human Writes: We're hatching an antibiotics apocalypse because we love cheap chicken

Do we really want to risk dying from a skin infection because we like cheap chicken?

Health D-G warns of flood-related diseases

PETALING JAYA: Flood victims in Penang, Kedah and Perak have been reminded to practise good hy­giene to avoid contracting di­seases.

Check if you really need antibiotics

PETALING JAYA: “There’s data everywhere in the world to show that the more you use antibiotics, the higher the bacterial resistance towards antibiotics,” said Sungai Buloh Hospital Infectious Disease head Datuk Dr Christopher Lee.

The Black Death

PETALING JAYA: The bubonic plague is also known as the Black Death and with good reason: it has ravaged populations since the Middle Ages.

Picnickers wary of health issue

WITH the bacterial infection leptospirosis making the news, many members of the public have become wary of indulging in the activity of visiting waterfalls and rivers where there is a risk of expsosure to the potentially deadly illness.