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Some people are taking plastic surgery procedures far too lightly

To emulate their idols, more and more young women go under the knife with little regard for the risks involved.


Jacob Grey’s Ferals series is fun for teens

A dark fantasy series for young adults begins with a troubled boy who can speak to crows.


Here's what you need to know about Game Of Thrones S6

Old characters return and new faces emerge to gain dominance in the blood-soaked land of Westeros


Who's a smart baby duck, now? They are

Baby ducks can learn differences between objects.

Science & Technology

Handy crows and hiding dinos

It's been found that crows know how to use tools and dinosaurs camouflaged themselves from predators.


In Nepal, dogs are celebrated for their awesomeness

Flower-decked dogs in Nepal enjoy special treats on second day of Deepavali.


The importance of printmaking in art

The G13 Gallery’s latest exhibition seeks to prove the value and diversity of printmaking


The power of poverty

Being poor comes at a cost.


17 things we can hardly wait for in 2017

From movies and music to books and games, these are goodies we are looking forward to this year.


Why the Rooster crows

Legend has it that the rooster crowed to make itself useful to mankind, thus earning a place in the animal zodiac.