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It’s like a matter of life and death

Ten million students are tuning down as they will soon sit for China’s all-important annual national college entrance examination.

Winning over the young and old

HE came, he heard, he saw and now Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has a clearer picture of what the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is all about.

The horrors of the 996 work system

THE Chinese are known as one of the most hardworking races in the world, but there is always a limit to everything.

A global celebration of horticulture

NOT far from the foot of the magni­ficent Great Wall on the outskirts of Beijing, lays a new park with over 100 botanical pavilions.

Hot and fiery season in China

LAST week, the whole country mourned the death of 27 firemen and three civilians who lost their lives battling a forest fire in southwest Sichuan province.

The deep-rooted Chinese humiliation

China is one of the best places to see sakura blooms but to the people, it reminds them of Japanese occupancy.

No more faking it here

THERE is a joke which I came across many years ago of a Chinese man who upon being fired by his company, decided to start his own business.

Propelling China’s innovation ability

The good, the bad and the ugly emerge as China spends more to be a country of innovators.

All eyes on ‘parliament’ session

Battling pollution and poverty on the agenda as China holds its biggest annual political meeting.

Sci-fi flick truly out of this world

FOR more than two weeks, Chinese science fiction film The Wandering Earth has topped the country’s box-office chart. And it is still going strong.