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Hattrick for Bom Brazil

There's a new Brazilian barbecue restaurant in Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL. Run by Brazilian Siri Guimaraes, his Malaysian wife, Jenny, and his brother, Raymond, Bom Brazil Churrascaria (meaning Good Brazilian Barbecue in Portuguese) wears its colours loud and proud.


The simple life

Fabulous food,picture-book vineyards, towering forests and quaint towns. SHARIFAH INTAN came away entranced by Australia #8217;s South West.


The art communicator

World famous art writer and photographer Edward Lucie-Smith was in Kuala Lumpur for his just concluded exhibition, I>Photographs by Edward Lucie-Smith/I>, and to launch his latest book, I>Art Tomorrow/I>, at Valentine Willie Fine Art Kuala Lumpur. VERONICA SHUNMUGAM finds out more about the man for whom art is communication and communication an art.


Looking to the rainforest

A DECADE ago, the luxury German carmaker Daimler-Benz #8211; now the DaimlerChrysler company #8211; embarked on a project in Brazil to use coconut fibre for vehicle components. Para University recently recognised DaimlerChrysler#8217;s contribution by awarding Mathias Kleinert, vice-president of external affairs and public policy at DaimlerChrysler, an honorary doctorate.


Shoring up your health

LAI CHOON MEI offers suggestions on how to help our stressed out bodies with supplements.


Our own master filmmaker

FEW people in Malaysia are familiar with the name Tsai Ming-liang, but the rest of the world have recognised him as a great Malaysian director of artistic films. ALLAN KOAY finds out more about this home-grown talent who has been impressing the world with hsi intelligent and complex works.


Truly grisly

Equipment used in some of the most horrific forms of torture are now on display at the I>Tortura/Iexhibition in Malacca.


Create this ministry



Need for diverse media coverage

Since last Thursday, leaders from 113 countries have converged in Kuala Lumpur for the 13th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement to discuss ways to improve economic cooperation among the 114 NAM members and issues affecting the world, particularly the possibility of an Iraqi invasion by American and British troops. While calls for peace and stability have been made, will the (super)powers that be listen?


Foreign fish havoc in Japan

AGGRESSIVE foreigners of the scaly, slimy and furry kind are invading Japan, threatening its delicate island ecosystem. Tons of black bass and blue gill are hauled up from the historic Lake Biwa every week as the country steps up efforts to wipe out the voracious American fish. In other parts of the country, a host of invasive flora and fauna poses a growing threat to native plants and animals. MARK WAGNER reports.