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Japan PM says to stay despite pressure to quit

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said on Tuesday he would stay on as leader, despite pressure from within his own party to resign as his approval ratings sink ahead of an election likely next month.


ANALYSIS - Japan voters' yen for change could hurt PM's party

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese voters longing for change propelled the Democratic Party to power for the first time in a historic election last year. Now, that same desire could deprive the party of the decisive win needed to avoid policy deadlock.


Managing the country's ageing population

Do we have the necessary system and structure in place to support an ageing society?


The scramble for skills

There's a concerted effort to woo and retain talent in Malaysia. Talent Corp Bhd has been set up with this mandate. Its CEO Johan Mahmood Merican talks about the mammoth task ahead.


SPECIAL REPORT - In Africa, can Brazil be the anti-China?

NIMBA-BUCHANAN RAILWAY, Liberia (Reuters) - In the muggy forest of central Liberia, a gang of workers is inching its way along a railway track, cut long and straight through an otherwise impenetrable mesh of trees and vines. The drone of insects is interrupted by a high-pitched drill and the clang of hammers as workers put the finishing touches to the perfectly aligned steel tracks.


Momentum builds for Japan coalition, but road rocky

TOKYO (Reuters) - Momentum is building for a


ANALYSIS - Next Japan PM: bold leadership a long shot

TOKYO (Reuters) - Who will become Japan's sixth premier in five years is anyone's guess, but one bet looks safe: he's unlikely to provide the bold leadership that voters and investors in the troubled economy crave.


Malaysia still needs a 5-year plan – at least – to outline its fiscal policy direction

THE Budget 2012 is wide-ranging in terms of the sectors and components it touches on, and it is basically seen as a people-friendly budget.


Book your way up the social ladder

Education is the key to determining one's career options as well as social mobility, but are there enough policies to make

Art Of Healing

Holistic health

Exploring the spiritual and psychological elements of holistic health and living.