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Contraception and menopause

Even if a woman has menopausal symptoms, it does not mean that she cannot get pregnant.


Paul Walker's car doing over 160kmh: coroner

Autopsy results confirmed after a month.


'Voluntourism' in Maui

Make your visit to this Hawaiian island a ‘volunteer vacation’ and give back to the community.


Bugs under your skin

Computerising people may be next step in this digital world we live in.


A timely call for action

This is the final article in the series on prediabetes. In effect, the condition offers you the opportunity to improve your health.


What colour is your urine?

There are many reasons for cloudy and discoloured urine.


Latest Doctor Who bids farewell

Looking back at a quirky, cool Doctor Who.


The 10 most epic viral ads of 2013

We take a look at 10 of the year’s best viral advertisements – from Volvo Trucks’ epic split to Google Search’s beautiful reunion.


Is skiing the world's most dangerous sport?

Data on the frequency and type of injury reveals which sports carry the greatest risks.


Why bother going organic?

Organic food costs more and is not as easily available. The question is, is it necessary? Follow our two-part series to know more.