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Another wake-up call for Pakatan

A 40% drop by any standard in a poll has to be a wake-up call for a government to change the way it’s managing the country as it shows significant dissatisfaction among voters.


Short Position

Real savings?


Malaysia on right track to regaining Asian Tiger status

KUALA LUMPUR: Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng is confident that Malaysia is on the right track to strengthen the economy and fiscal status by 2021, leading the way to regaining its position as an Asian Tiger.


Malaysians forget easily

Critics are entitled to find fault with Pakatan Harapan for not fulfilling its promises. However, it has been a good year for the country as a whole, with the government taking criticism in its stride and continuing to uncover scams left by the previous regime.

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Economists give the thumbs up

The Pakatan Harapan government has just completed its first year in office on May 9, but the “New Malaysia” euphoria has started to fade away, faster than expected.


After the change: Business as usual?

Comment by Terence Gomez PAKATAN Harapan’s unexpected victory in Malaysia’s 14th General Elections (GE14) was one of monumental proportions as the ruling Barisan Nasional, under Umno’s control, had instituted a series of unscrupulous methods to retain power. Pakatan, led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, had achieved a colossal feat, unseating a powerful Umno that had never lost power.


FGV terminates paper pulp plant MoU with CMEC

PETALING JAYA: FGV Holdings Bhd has terminated its memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Hong Kong-listed China Machinery Engineering Corp (CMEC) to jointly establish paper pulp production facilities using empty fruit bunch.


Too often corporate governance takes a back seat in our GLCs

A year has lapsed since the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition created history by ditching the incumbent Barisan Nasional government for the very first time in 61 years.


Felcra to rebuild its cash position

PETALING JAYA: Felcra Bhd is currently reviewing several options, including a proposed bond issuance and an outright sale of non-performing assets, to rebuild its depleting cash position.


FGV turnaround plan yet to bear fruit

PETALING JAYA: The turnaround plan for FGV Holdings Bhd has yet to bear fruit with its share price likely to stay range-bound.