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The spirit of Shinta Mani

The Shinta Mani Club Siem Reap, an award-winning, eco-luxury boutique hotel, is a short ride away from Angkor Wat, and promises the weary traveller more than just a good stay.

A precarious time

Afghan women worry they’d lose the freedom they have gained when US troops leave next year.

Ways to learn for kids

In addition to formal education, a child can learn and pick up skills through many other ways.

Playing grounds in the City of Light

Paris turned out to be a fun city for children too.

China's ageing woes

The country with the most aged population is facing stiff challenges in providing services for the elderly.

Alex Pettyfer has an endless love for acting

The actor stars in Endless Love, which is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.

Waiting for the right mate

Legions of eligible men in China will never find wives because there just aren’t enough candidates.

Topher Grace, phantom (re)editor

Actor Topher Grace went behind the camera to learn some film editing skills. He nailed it.

Kamal Mustafa's got an ear for art

An upcoming exhibition by Kamal Mustafa examines how the human experience is as much aural as it is visual.

A place to call home

Malaysia may not be perfect but, to this writer, it's home no matter what.