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Aesthetic procedures still a taboo subject

You won’t believe the lengths clients go through to hide the fact that they have had an aesthetic procedure carried out.


Eczema: Let's start from scratch

Eczema can lead to itchy and inflamed skin. Read on to find out the basics of this condition.


Satellites, sensors recruited to rescue enigmatic ruins of Pompeii from total ruin

The ruins of ancient Pompeii will be monitored by satellites and sensors in an attempt to stop the UNESCO world heritage site from total ruin.


Mixed martial arts: Higher risk of brain injury than other sports

The rate of serious head injuries among professional mixed martial arts competitors is potentially twice that of professional football players, according to US researchers.


Where in the world is Diego Garcia?

Speculation about Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has put the tiny atoll of Diego Garcia on the map.


Cities make us 'mad'

Various studies have linked urban living to poor mental health.


Conquering long hair with Kerastase

Supple, shiny hair, endlessly long and smooth. Sounds like the perfect advertising campaign for Rapunzel.


Beauty brand 'philosophy' is bridging the gap

A young American beauty brand gets philosophical about defining beauty.


I don't know what a psychometric questionnaire is

The Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire that you can fill in to give an indication of your psychological preference and how you perceive the world.


Revealing inner light via a new beauty product

A French brand reinvents its iconic brightening products to come up with an even brighter tune.