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Take measures now to nip poaching in the bud

Writes LEONG MUN YI of Ipoh. (via e-mail)


Throw the book at tiger poachers

Writes DR KAE KAWANISHI of Kuala Lumpur.


Don’t support trade in tigers

From Datuk Musa Nordin, Director-General, Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


Anti-poaching laws need more punch

From LILLIAN DANIELLE KHOO, Petaling Jaya i>(via e-mail)/i>.


Tiger parts won’t improve your sex life

Tiger parts will not boost your sex life. If everyone believes in the statement, there won't be a decline in the tiger population as a result of poaching.


Tiger poaching and trade rile up public and NGOs

Disgust, outrage and sorrow - the whole gamut of emotions came to the fore as people vented their anger over the butchering of a tiger, which was cut into four and stuffed in a refrigerator.


Ensuring prompt alert of tiger sightings

In a move to protect human lives and curb poaching activities, villagers living near tiger habitats in Kelantan will soon be asked to alert wildlife rangers the moment they spot paw prints.


Buffer zone for border proposed

A 500m buffer zone has been proposed for the Sarawak-Kalimantan border to check illegal activities and enhance security management.


Endangered birds return to Johor

The Milky Stork, an endangered species last sighted in Johor before Independence, has returned.


Cross-border threat to Sarawak orang utans

Trans-boundary poaching activities are a threat to totally protected orang utans in Sarawak.