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We like to move it, move it to fight fat

Physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight.


Handling our own giraffes

Sometimes, it’s better to let kids fight their own battles.


Belly-blasting moves

Doing a hundred crunches daily is not going to get you a six-pack; you have to incorporate a whole body workout instead.


True - or not?

As we embark on a fresh round of extrapolations for 2014, we take a quick look at the accuracy of predictions made for 2013.


Double trouble

Malaysia’s newest badminton doubles heroes talk to R.AGE about their lives off the court.


Hope for a new beginning

Seniors too find purpose in life when they make resolutions during the new year.


Braving life's storms

The family’s support and encouragement turned one man’s fearful experience into a journey of love and hope.


Get ready for an all-in-one mind-blowing show in Genting

AS a child, Englishman John Chilsom liked animating things, be they dolls or toys.


A death too soon

Anyone can succumb to sudden cardiac arrest, from professional athletes to couch potatoes. Indeed, it is a silent killer as the symptoms are not always detectable.


15 ways to burn 300 calories

Want to know how many calories you burn while playing your favourite sport?