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Bank exec: Conrad didn’t take aim with shotgun

Former state minister Datuk Conrad Mojuntin did not take aim with his shotgun before firing the weapon for the second time in the early morning hours of Oct 23 last year, bank executive Christopher William said.


Cops changed story after being identified

Four policemen admitted to the existence of a samurai sword after a supermarket security guard identified one of the cops who removed the weapon from the scene where Anthony Chang Kim Fook was fatally shot.


I want justice, says sister

Anthony Chang Kim Fook's sister wept in court as she expressed the family's hope that justice will be served through the inquest.


First hand look at crime scene

The road in front of the Donggongon library in Penampang where Anthony Chang Kim Fook had been fatally shot was cordoned off for close to two hours on Tuesday as officials in the inquest examined the scene.


Officer: I did not find out about weapon

A sword kept in the boot of a police patrol car could not initially be linked to the fatal shooting of Anthony Chang Kim Fook, the officer investigating the incident told the inquest.


Ballistics test done on t-shirt

A ballistics test was performed on Anthony Chang Kim Fook's bloodstained t-shirt to determine the element of self-defence.


Cop: I felt guilty sword was moved

A policeman told the inquest he felt guilty that a colleague tampered with evidence at the scene where Anthony Chang Kim Fook was fatally shot.


Family hopes inquest will clear the air

Three years after sundry shop owner Th'ng Boon Siang, 42, was found strangled at home, his parents and siblings hope an inquest will finally shed light on his mysterious death.


Shotgun faulty but usable, says expert

A shotgun used in the fatal shooting of Anthony Chang Kim Fook was faulty but serviceable, the inquest was told.


Anthony hit by 50 pellets

Anthony Chang Kim Fook's T-shirt was riddled with 51 holes caused by shotgun pellets.