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Eat your colours

Plants contain phytonutrients that supply us with a multitude of nutrients essential for optimal health.

Yoga for men

Want to learn more about yoga, especially how it can benefit men? Visit the Star Health Fair 2014 at Mid Valley in KL next week.

Eczema: Let's start from scratch

Eczema can lead to itchy and inflamed skin. Read on to find out the basics of this condition.

Canada launches international architecture prize which could rival the Pritzker

Moriyama prize is for best building in the world.

Breaking down the walls of autism

April is Autism Awareness Month and three Malaysian families share their experiences of raising autistic children.

Cities make us 'mad'

Various studies have linked urban living to poor mental health.

Stick it - with gecko 'glue'

On film: The idea behind Geckskin, a reusable adhesive.

Vibrate your way to vibrance!

We girls know how much we do to look and feel good.

We like to move it, move it to fight fat

Physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Seeing off the departed

Final rites are essential not only to help the soul of the deceased move on, but to comfort the living too.