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Depression: Sad hearts lead to bad hearts

Depression increases heart failure risk by 40%, and reducing stress that triggers depression may improve outlook.

Girls who are told they're 'fat' are more likely to become obese

Weight stigma can lead to stress and overeating.

Boost brain health by churning out 'LOLs': study

Guffaw, split your sides, crack up, howl ... a mere chuckle won’t do.

Helping Malaysians fight the flab

Nutrition Month Malaysia 2014 focuses on the rising problem of obesity in Malaysia.

Flower power: A special delivery heals a family spat

Why do we hurt the ones we love? After a fight with the woman Alexandra loves the most, a florist goes to her rescue. Here’s the letter she wrote to him after that.

10 best things to do in Seoul

All the best the happening South Korean capital has to offer as recommended by Seoul’s locals.

Why do I have flat feet?

A person with flat feet or fallen arches has low arches or no arches at all.

Wind in the tummy: Some common reasons for feeling bloated

Feeling bloated? It might not be due entirely to overindulging in your favourite foods.

Keeping things in check: How to manage eczema

With proper care and management, people living with eczema can lead normal and fulfilling lives.

There is no such thing as being 'too young' to get a heart attack

As more young people suffer from heart attacks, doctors have started to pay better attention to possible symptoms in younger patients and not discount signs because of the person’s age.