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Dear Thelma: Can’t handle exam stress

A student is stressed out about the UPSR exam next week. Thelma advises.


Transitioning to regular doctors can be hard for kids with chronic illness

Chronically ill kids who “graduate” from their paediatrician to an “adult doctor" often feel dissatisfied with the transition, says a new study.


Overwrite those bad memories

This discovery could help explain the power of certain treatments for depression and PTSD.


Rodeo coral ride: How to enjoy our beautiful islands

One group of folks from Ipoh, Perak endure back-breaking boat trips in Terengganu’s islands to enjoy marine beauty.


Happiness study gets pricked by unhappy critics

A study published last year linking happiness to genes is causing a lot of unhappiness.


Worms, flies and humans – how we are related

Biologists says the genetic machinery of humans, fruit flies and roundworms are similar in surprising ways. This helps research on diseases.


For fitness and fun, just add water

In a rising trend, bicycles go into the pool for a new fitness workout.


Hiding behind depression's 'everything's all right' mask

It’s a shame that those suffering from depression also have to grapple with the stigma around this medical condition.


8 in 10 Malaysians endure headaches

What a pain! Survey finds that eight in 10 Malaysians choose to endure headaches.


De-stress groups by peers help mothers of autistic kids

Programmes teaching “mindfulness” and “positive psychology” helped mothers of children with autism to reduce their stress and depression, according to new study.