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Neighbourhood that adapts to climate change

At the St Kjeld suburb, parks and streets double up as water storage basins to prevent floods.

Our reader Chris Beh relives her trip to Hanoi, Vietnam

Our reader CHRIS BEH relives her trip to Vietnam, describing the places and people she came across.

Drought alters familiar landscape in Yosemite

Climate change exerts toll on famous national park in the US.

Preventing stitches and cramps

For an active person, stitches and cramps are quite common. Here’re some tips to prevent them from occurring.

Volunteering for Alzheimer’s

An ongoing clinical trial tries to pry information that may one day help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Dear Tree: Melbourne's greenery replies to fanmail

Thanks to a climate change awareness campaign, 70,000 trees in Melbourne, Australia, are now receiving and replying to messages from their fans.

GapFit is all about comfortable style

New workout wear for women that combines practicality and style.

We need to do more for clouded leopards in Malaysia

New research aims to expand our knowledge on the clouded leopard.

Remembering Tsunami 2004: Diary of a disaster psychiatrist

The story of Aceh’s resilient people who overcame the odds in their journey to recovery.

Self-reliance: Children are taught to fend for themselves and allowed to fail

Children are taught to fend for themselves and allowed to fail. 'Guerilla Parenting' practitioners also believe in letting their children pay their own way to college.