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Eurozone likely to dissolve, Finland urges nations to make contingency plan

LAST week, the European Stability Mechanism (i.e. the Eurozone bailout fund) was questioned by German court of its legality to help bailout ailing economies.


Commodities soften amid short week

GOLD prices edged higher last week to 1683.45 regions before plunging rapidly on Tuesday. The pullback brought yellow metal prices to as low as 1612.38 regions during mid-week as greenback strengthened. By Friday, the market stabilised around 1630.00 regions amid the long weekend for Good Friday.


Gold prices drift amid uncertainty over Greece bailout package

GOLD prices came under pressure last week after it slid from top 1763.09 levels. Generally, the yellow metal was well-resisted at 1750.00 regions as predicted amid better progress at the Greece talk.


Commodities stay resilient after US Federal Reserve chairman’s remarks

GOLD prices rallied strongly and penetrated above 1700.00 benchmarks after Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke signalled the possibility of maintaining the near zero interest rate until 2014.


Strong metal prices amid decline in demand for energy

GOLD prices rallied to 1670.00 regions during early part of last week due to strong fundamental news from the United States and China.


Commodities may see weaker trend amid Eurozone debt crisis

GOLD prices were bullish up to 1662.00 regions last week on news of huge imports to China but reversed down to 1630.00 support area before the weekend.


Commodities fluctuate during uncertainty

GOLD prices rallied up quickly on the first few days of 2012 and pierced above 1600.00 regions.


Commodities weaken amid rising dollar

GOLD prices moved in volatile fashion early last week between 1701.00 and 1755.00 regions ahead of EU Summit.


Bullish rally in commodities amid banks’ attempt to keep fiat money afloat

GOLD prices were bullish last week and rallied US$70 up to 1763.00 regions. Most of the rally can be attributed to the concerted effort by major central banks around the world to cut the swap rate, an attempt to keep fiat money afloat.


Precious metals may fall further due to Euro crisis

GOLD prices traded narrowly from 1666.28 to 1710.00 last week. Eurozone crisis is still the spotlight of media news since Germany strongly opposes the creation of Euro bonds.