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Samsung's next reinvention challenge: itself

As its smartphone sales stutter and a generational leadership succession looms, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is under pressure to reinvent itself — to be more innovative, but not lose the rigor and focus that made it a global powerhouse.


A treat for your tricks: 3D printed chocolate in exchange for exercise

In a study examining the relationship between exercise and food reward, participants who exercise the most get ultra-smooth, 3D-printed chocolate.


Bystanders who do CPR save lives; cellphones can help find them

Having a bystander perform CPR before a rescue team arrives more than doubles the odds of surviving cardiac arrest, according to one of two new studies from Sweden in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Thinkers tinker

Hobbyists toy with compact computers and sensors to make life more convenient for everyone.


Arrr-rated games

We don’t support the piracy of games, but we love piracy in games.


Open Hybrid Clouds are the Future

A crossbreed mix between public and private clouds, hybrid clouds are the next step in thinking about the cloud space.


E3: The new order

What makes a console a success or failure are the games, and Sony and third-party developers have lined up a number of exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4. Not all will see daylight this year, as some companies only managed to show teaser trailers but they were no less exciting.


Google aims to get news to smartphones faster

Google laid out a plan to make tapping into news on mobile devices faster, keeping eyeballs on stories and people visiting websites.


E-mail more romantically arousing than voicemail: study

Not so long ago it was considered a distant form of communication best reserved for business, but a new study suggests e-mail is a more effective means to express romantic feelings than voicemail.


Novartis to start human tests with Google lens in 2016

Novartis plans the first human tests next year of a "smart" contact lens it is developing with Google designed to help restore the eye's natural autofocus.