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Stop passing the buck and act now

S.M.C of Petaling Jaya hopes the authorities would act fast in preventing crime.


The world’s most celebrated instrument

The piano is undoubtedly one of the finest instruments ever invented; it has been played in various musical repertoires, from classical and jazz to Broadway. This amazing instrument is much more than just a large, wooden object or decorative furniture, it is an intricate mechanical device designed to produce a vast range of musical tones.


Proud of Muscleman


All-out VCD swoop

A massive operation to wipe out the sale, production and manufacture of pirated and pornographic VCDs was launched simultaneously last night in several parts of the Klang Valley.


Mamak shops, the trendy but cheap alternative



Cashing in on comic craze

Comics have always been a prominent feature in Ahmad Zee Annuar's life. From a young age, hanging around the local I>mamak /I>bookstore to have a read or buy the comics would be a typical pastime after school.


‘More help needed in VCD war’

More government agencies should be roped in to fight the war on VCD piracy, said the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia.


How about some real records?

Let's face it. We are nation that loves records because we have a point or 10 to prove to 'the world' - the tallest twin towers, the highest flagpole and the 'Most Number Of Heads Shampooed in One Day At A Shopping Mall'.


MPPJ needs to get tough with restaurants



Traders snatch seized VCDs from enforcers

A group of about 20 men, believed to be illegal video compact disc (VCD) traders, damaged a four-wheel-drive belonging to the Selangor Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Department on Monday night before brazenly snatching back boxes of VCDs confiscated by enforcement officers from a stall at SS2 in Petaling Jaya.