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Financial aid for high-tech hub

BEIJING Vice-Mayor Fan Boyuan said on Saturday that the Zhongguancun high-tech hub - dubbed China's 'Silicon Valley' - is on track to double its 2001 turnover by 2005.


Victims of pornography

TAVERLY asks what purpose does pornography serve?


A fast and furious legacy

Bruce Lee made only a fistful of movies but his early death ensured his place among the screen legends. But he was much more than a #8220;chop-socky#8221; star and on the 30th anniversary of his passing, BUNN NAGARA explains why as he explores the man, the myths and his martial arts.


Believe in your body

MANGAI BALASEGARAM wonders why do so many people not trust their own bodies? Why don#8217;t they believe that the human body generally copes pretty well and doesn#8217;t necessarily need extra vitamins or tonics or herbs or health supplements?


Burning issues

The Housing and Local Government Ministry answers some health and environmental concerns over the use of incinerators in waste disposal.


Get more calcium

DID you know that the most abundant mineral in the human body is calcium, and about 99% of it is in the bones and teeth?


Working with crystals

DID you find your crystals and try out the circle? How did it feel? In general, when working with crystals, the size of the crystal does matter, and we have only started with small tumbled stones. As you get more used to your crystals, you may want to get bigger crystals.


Martha Stewart's true face

I>Martha, Inc: The Incredible Story of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia /I>traces entrepreneur Stewart#8217;s journey from the troubled world of a working-class family in New Jersey to the pinnacle of fame and power as the head of the billion-dollar business empire that bears her name.


Consult either urologist or gynaecologist

Korea University Anam Hospital Department of Urology head Prof Jeong Gu Lee clarified that women who are incontinent could consult either an urologist or gynaecologist.


A comparison