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Leonardo DiCaprio is a UN Messenger of Peace

The award-winning actor has been honoured for his work on raising awareness on enviromental issues.


All night long: Our mammal ancestors loved the dark

Much like all-night party animals of today, new findings reveal our earliest mammal ancestors also loved the nightlife.


5 most memorable Merdeka commercials

We take a look at five of the funniest, cutest and most moving Merdeka commercials.


Lords of the ring

Both the young and young-at-heart will find plenty of fun in a quaint town in Wisconsin, thanks to the circus.


Japanese zoo goes wild with jeans styled by lion fangs and tiger claws

A zoo in Japan has started a fashion maul by turning its lion, tiger and bear enclosures into denim sweatshops.


Would you wear jeans ripped by lions?

Japan zoo makes wild fashion statement with jeans ripped by lions, tigers and bears.


Fashion roars on

The Mel's Place columnist has designed a new look for team Malaysia.


Britain's Prince William, David Beckham launch wildlife crime campaign

The United For Wildlife campaign aims to highlight the slaughter of animals for illegal trade.


Sleep like a baby at any age

Learn the A to Zzz of getting a good night’s slumber.


Tigers prowl aerial catwalk in US zoo, visitors get the 'feels'

When a full-grown Amur tiger peers down on people just a few metres below, it’s a new experience for cats and humans alike, giving a whole new meaning to the word 'catwalk'.