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Stop quarrying hills for limestone, dig for it instead

There are more limestone resources underground, so why not quarry them instead of blasting the hills?

Asia & Oceania

Window to Singapore

Singapore Tourism Board executive director for South-East Asia Edward Koh shares his insights on Singapore’s tourism landscape as well as the travel scene in the region.

Food News

Johor Palate – Tanjung Puteri Recipes: Diverse culinary gems

Four generations’ worth of recipes are packed into this book on Johor food.


DA+CF Culturetopia: In search of Penang's intangibles

The Digital Art + Culture Festival in Penang dedicates its second edition 'Culturetopia' to mapping the island’s intangible utopia.


9 awesome concept albums you should introduce the kids to

Following its successful Sonic Highways album, Foo Fighters has revealed plans to continue making concept albums.


Last fern standing: Botanic garden rescues disappearing plants

Botanists save endangered plants by growing them in a garden.


T.rex Autopsy takes you into the belly of the beast

Every palaeontologist dreams of dissecting a dinosaur; what if this was possible today?


Did Captain Kidd's treasure sink off Madagascar?

Explorers say pirate Captain Kidd’s treasure found off Madagascar.


Meet 'Hellboy', the newfound horned dinosaur with frills

Scientists nickname it the "Hellboy" dinosaur because its stubby horns above the eyes resemble the famous comic book character.


Buttered coffee: Bulletproof or plain bull?

Bulletproof coffee, the latest fad in the coffee world, promises to reduce your waistline while keeping you awake.