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E-waste blues

Obsolete gadgetry can pile up, contributing to pollution.


Marine biologist receives RM480k grant to study Malaysia's endangered dugongs

Malaysian scientist Dr Louisa Ponnampalan receives a RM480,000 fellowship in marine conservation for her research on endangered dugongs off the coast of Johor.


6 things you never knew you could do to save a river

Here are some easy tips for making your drinking water safe. Stop polluting rivers with your trash is one.


The water-energy pact

World Water Day 2014 focuses on the deep-rooted relationship between water and energy.


Limiting our choices

Changing food patterns will lead to rise in obesity and global food insecurity.


Pizza goes green: Boxes get turned into compost

Empty pizza boxes need not end up in landfills.


Growing a rice seed bank in India

A rice conservationist works to reintroduce genetically diverse, drought-tolerant varieties.


Climate change is altering flowering patterns

Wildflower season in the Rockies now lasts longer because of climate change.


Toxic tides: Risks from harmful microalgae

There is a need to step up monitoring of our coastal waters for harmful algal blooms as they pose public safety concerns and economic risks.


Purifying sea water for the tap

Israel no longer worries about its water supply, thanks to desalination plants.