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Closing the loop

ADVERTISING agency People 'n Rich-H Sdn Bhd and US-headquartered shopper marketing agency Catapult Marketing, both seeking to provide more comprehensive marketing services to their clients, have found the solution by partnering each other.


Development of a child's digestive system

Taking a look at the development of your child’s digestive system.


Young guts

Taking a look at the development of your child's digestive system.


Healthy start for the children

DATA from the nationwide Health Morbidity Survey III (2006) revealed that primary school pupils are the most overweight individuals while there was also a significant number of malnourished under-18s.


So irritable

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can affect your quality of life, but knowing how to manage it can make a huge difference.


Gutted by cancer

With no early symptoms to look out for, screening for colon cancer is a must after a certain age or if you have a family history of the disease


Blood and guts

Passing tarry black stool means bleeding from the stomach or duodenum, and this is a medical emergency.


Can you stomach this?

See a doctor if you have sypmtoms of peptic ulcer. Peptic ulcer and its underlying cause needs to be treated.


Festive excess

Many will be tempted by the food on offer this coming festive season. The simple practice of self-restraint is what you need to avoid problems associated with overeating.


Getting to know your gut

Many overlook the importance of keeping the digestive system in good shape, to their collective detriment.