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Divine calling: A home for the destitute needs help

The home in Malacca not only provides shelter for its residents but also daily meals and medical care in Government hospitals.


Inspiring teen who raised RM16mil for cancer charity dies

A British teenage cancer sufferer who raised more than £3 million (RM16.2mil) for charity after his fund-raising campaign went viral on social media has died at age 19.


Radiation therapy: A child fights for his life in isolation

Sammy Nahorny has to be isolated during treatment because of high-dose radiation therapy.


One dad's duty is to turn his sons' school green

Earth Day, Earth Warriors: One parent is encouraging green practices in his children's school.


Wind in the tummy: Some common reasons for feeling bloated

Feeling bloated? It might not be due entirely to overindulging in your favourite foods.


Heart & Soul: Battling the Big C

The writer shares her brave journey as she struggles with colon cancer.


The water-energy pact

World Water Day 2014 focuses on the deep-rooted relationship between water and energy.


That river you're chucking your trash in? That's your drinking water

Across Malaysia, rivers are our main source of tap water. So why are we still throwing our rubbish down the river?


Chris Brown arrested on probation violation

The singer is now being held without bail in Los Angeles, California.


Bloated like a balloon?

Bloating is a result of excessive wind in the stomach, for which there are many possible causes.