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Whiff of liquid gold

Christian Dior has found another muse, this time from Estonia, PATSY KAM reports.

Great glasses

AESTHETICS isn't the only reason to choose a nicely shaped glass from which to drink your wine. A good glass can show off a wine's best features. For instance, tulip-shaped glasses channel the subtleties of a wine's aroma to the nasal passages for appreciation. To fully appreciate your wine experience, you need to know the following.

The Creed breed

Kens Apothecary, a specialty boutique selling exclusive beauty and wellness products in the Klang Valley. HOOI YOU CHING gets to sniff some high pedigree perfume at the boutique under the label of Creed.

Hair younger than you

One's hair grows old too and it will lose bounce, density and become limp, dull and dry as one ages. What do you do then? The folk at Kérastase Paris think they have a solution.

Eating animals to extinction

China's insatiable appetite for wildlife has put many of South-East Asia's species in hot soup, literally. Besides being fair game for gourmands, animal parts are also much sought after for medicines and tonics in an increasingly affluent society steeped in the traditional belief that exotic fare endows the consumer with added social status and sexual prowess.

Pick up a Ferrari

THE Malaysian Grand Prix has taken place and in honour of the event, Ferrari products will be giving away a limited edition of a Ferrari model car.

Feeling Blue

An escapade on a romantic island has DZIREENA MAHADZIR embracing the blues.

Smooch in the tropics

Escada comes out with a limited edition fashion fragrance each year, which is themed according to its spring/summer fashion collection. Island Kiss is the label's 12th fashion fragrance.

Gift of radiant skin

THIS Valentine's Day you can surprise your special man with the precious gift of crystal-clear skin.

Eternally romantic

Eternity Love Eau De Parfum is a limited edition fragrance that is a fusion of fresh, natural floral scents.