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Folks, use a hankie – save the Earth!

South Korean beauty brand Innisfree’s Use a Hankie, Save the Earth! campaign tries to resuscitate the use of handkerchiefs.


Sweet and spicy stories in Sambal On The Side

The Star columnist comes out with a compilation of her fortnightly columns about life as a Malaysian expat wife abroad.


Mastering the art of leather craftsmanship, the Braun Buffel way

Braun Buffel’s master craftsman Manfred Goll gives some insights on quality leather workmanship.


A gift of life from one HIV patient to another

Liver and kidney from HIV-infected donor are transplanted into HIV-positive patients.


Pedal power can set a new benchmark of liveability in Penang

By 2020, the Penang state government plans to have at least 33km of bike lanes and paths on the island and mainland.


The feel of your touch is very important to your baby

The invaluable impact of touch on the development of your baby.


Meet the future master blacksmiths of Pekan Darat

For generations, the people of Pekan Darat have been practising the ancient art of blacksmithing.


WrestleMania 32: The Undertaker's last ride?

The “Super Bowl of wrestling” has many big matches lined up, but the one everybody is keeping an eye on is Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker.

Asia & Oceania

Nepal: Ten months after the earthquake

The Nepal earthquake may have left in its wake ruins; but along with that came resilience.