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Deformed dolphins

Dolphins in bad shape after oil spill.


Understanding FiT

LAUNCHED in December 2011, the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme enables companies and house-owners to produce renewable energy from four sources.


What ails the FiT

Hurdles block the path to clean energy.


Paying for clean power

PRODUCING energy from renewable sources generally costs more than from petroleum, gas and coal because the fossil fuels are highly subsidised. Which is why clean power producers under the Feed-in Tariff scheme get paid rates that are higher than normal electricity tariffs.


Energised by the sun

Under the Feed-in Tariff scheme, anybody can be a solar power producer.


Questionable claims

The debate continues as to whether orcas live longer in the wild or in captivity.


Fighting deforestation on-line

Google-backed database steps up fight on deforestation.


Buzzword of the future

OUT at sea, gentle waves provide power for thousands of homes. In cities, dance floor moves generate electricity for nightclubs. In the countryside, hikers use leg power to recharge their phones.


Free Lolita, the killer whale

Activists try again to liberate the 3,000kg killer whale.


Teluk Rubiah: A forest worth preserving

A tree found nowhere else, plus other interesting flora and fauna, make this forest in Lumut, Perak, ideal for a park.