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Snow may end Afghan drought, but bitter winter looms

KABUL (Reuters) - Heavy snow that has blanketed large parts of Afghanistan, killing at least 20 people, could end a long-running drought that last summer threatened millions of people with severe food shortages, government and aid officials said on Wednesday.


A cry for help

The word suicide, if uttered, is not to be taken lightly. It could be someone’s cry for help, and if the signs are recognised early, lives could be saved.Suicide is preventable and suicide preventi...


Suicidal teens and youth

Teenagers today are compulsive and impulsive. They live in the world that requires them to do things quickly. Ironically, when they can't solve their problems, some of them want the easy way out: suicide.

Eating Out

Firm favourites

Local actor Alan Yun is winning over new fans with a totally unexpected venture - a restaurant that serves Chinese comfort food.


Landslide emergency action plan

Sometimes landslides occur in spite of maintenance and monitoring precautions. In the event that one occurs, you can limit the damage to your physical self and your property by being prepared and knowing what to do in a landslide emergency.


Banking group chips in to help refurbish building

AS PART of AmBank Group's CSR programme, it recently launched the Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) building in Kuala Lumpur after sponsoring the cost of renovation, furniture and fixtures.


MTC raises RM150,000 for two NGOs

PROVING that the timber industry has as much warmth and inviting qualities as the characteristics of wood, the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) raised RM150,000 for two non-governmental organisations (NGOs), at the Council's recent charity dinner themed 'Timber Industry with a Heart.'


Meals for people on the go

Food delivery service is designed for the busy singles, working couples and families who are on the go and do not have the time to cook.


Movies Coming Soon

Reviews of movies - i>Marmaduke/i>, i>Killers/i>, i>Lagenda Budak Setan/iand i>Kecoh Betul/i>.


U.S., Brazilian troops hand out aid in Haiti slum

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - U.S. soldiers and Brazilian U.N. troops handed out food and water in one of Haiti's largest slums on Sunday amid criticism that aid was not getting to earthquake victims fast enough.