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Food News 13 Oct 2016 | 6:57 AM

How to host a wine tasting and not get drunk

Here are a few tips that will make to make your wine tasting party a success... and keep from getting intoxicated.

Food News 11 Oct 2016 | 7:00 AM

How to tell if your butter comes from a cow

The issue of mislabelled butter was in the news recently. Want to know if your butter is real or not?

Food News 09 Oct 2016 | 6:54 AM

Learn about the world through these cookbooks

Cookbooks are a great way to travel and know more deeply about the food and culinary culture of a country.

Food News 28 Sep 2016 | 6:53 AM

The truth about sticky Japanese rice

The Japanese take pride in their homegrown Japonica rice.

Eating Out 27 Sep 2016 | 6:58 AM

Eating Out For Under RM30: Restoran Ah Soon Kor

Craving for some Sabah-styled dishes? At Restoran Ah Soon Kor in Selangor, you can get that and more.

Food News 17 Sep 2016 | 6:59 AM

Great Malaysian dishes: Pahang – Ikan patin masak tempoyak

If you can get past the pungent smell, what awaits you is Pahang’s most favourite way to cook freshwater silver catfish.

Food News 12 Sep 2016 | 6:55 AM

Learn from the experts and their cookbooks

Land of Fish And Rice

Food News 10 Sep 2016 | 6:50 AM

Think you have a small kitchen? Try cooking on a riverboat

Austrian-born Max Beyer is the executive chef of the Viking River Cruises ship Heimdal.

Food News 16 Aug 2016 | 6:55 AM

Homegrown cookbook authors highlight local food

Three Malaysian authors shine a spotlight on the vast panoply of dishes available here.

Food News 30 Jul 2016 | 6:37 AM

YouTube food star gets her own TV series

She’s the latest digital star to make the mainstream leap.