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Store rain in your garden

A rain garden captures stormwater and lets it flow back into the soil.

World Vision's Marilee Pierce has the heart of an angel

Charity organisation World Vision was born out of one man’s desire to end poverty. Today, the charity helps millions of children in over 100 countries.

Adjusting to a warmer world

Plants, animals and entire ecosystems are on the move as rising temperatures force species to seek out cooler climes.

Serious matter: Native American Indians do rain dance in ancient ritual

Modern Americans turn to their versions of bomohs — Native American Indians — and an ancient ritual in the face of a persistent drought.

Tumbleweed invasion! Rolling bush from Western flicks morphs into plague

Like a scene out a B-grade horror movie, persistent drought in a small US town has spawned monstrous tumbleweeds that have attacked the town and trapped people inside.

The water-energy pact

World Water Day 2014 focuses on the deep-rooted relationship between water and energy.

No fazing them

The children have been better at coping with dry taps and smoky air.

Low-maintenance is key trend for outdoor spaces in 2014

Native plants and vegetable gardens also preferred.

Oil palm leftovers as food for livestock

Oil palm kernel meal feeds the world’s livestock.

Senheng helps to grow a forest

Reforestation effort in Sabah gets a helping hand from corporate sector.