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Famous clowns who are not as scary as IT’s Pennywise

Clowns can be scary but none more so than Pennywise the clown, who creepily appears in the latest film edition of Stephen King's It.


The durian dessert to rule over all others

No other durian dessert can hold a candle to one made with the musang king


Can these American kids handle durian?

In a video created by the HiHo Kids YouTube channel, some cute American kids were given the chance to try out exotic fruits, which includes durian.

Eating Out

KL’s MakanHouse serves Melaka Portuguese and Kelantanese soul food

MakanHouse in Kuala Lumpur is a bastion of slow cooking, careful ingredient selection and everything made from scratch.


Planting community bonds

Residents come together over fresh herbs and vegetables in this urban garden.

Food News

Australian man has good business selling durian in Singapore

It's not what you would expect but a Caucasian man saw an opportunity in Singapore and has started selling a rare Thai variety of durian.

Food News

Canberra’s delicious appeal

Australia’s capital is an underrated treasure trove for foodies, from its fine dining to the region’s largest farmers’ market.


Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort explains his love of Asia

The actor-musician loves trying different things when he’s overseas.

Asia & Oceania

5 amazing things from 5 Asean countries

Asean has 10 member countries that offer a myriad of experiences to savour and be enthralled by. Here are a sample of some.


We need to use electricity and water more responsibly

We need to use electricity and water more responsibly.