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National ICT Month 2011 starts soon

b>KUALA LUMPUR:/bThe National ICT Month 2011, which starts in a few days, will further enhance the business climate for the country's information and communications technology industry.

Speedy cheque scanners hit the market

b>KUALA LUMPUR:/bCanon has new high-speed cheque scanners, the CR-135i and CR-190i. These products dovetail the ongoing adoption of improved cheque-transport technology by finanical institutions.

German iPhone app guides handicapped around cities

b>BERLIN:/bRaul Krauthausen, who has used a wheelchair since childhood, has always been uncomfortable with the services Germany provides for the physically handicapped, like special taxis and grocery delivery - saying they feel patronising and further isolate him from the able-bodied world.

Machines beating us at our own game

b>SAN FRANCISCO:/bMachines first out-calculated us in simple math. Then they replaced us on the assembly lines, explored places we couldn't get to, even beat our champions at chess. Now a computer called Watson has bested our best at i>Jeopardy/i>!.

Making it on the App Store

IF THERE is one thing you can say about Apple it's this - since the introduction of the Apple App Store on the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, the landscape has forever changed on how applications are distributed and sold.

RHB Bank unveils new PayPal services

RHB Banking Group is collaborating with online payment platform PayPal to offer two new payment services to its customers.

OM to keep outsourcing industry on target

b>PETALING JAYA:/bThe local outsourcing industry is expected to generate a total revenue of US$1.9bil (RM6.1bil) by 2013, according to Outsourcing Malaysia (OM). Last year, the industry hit the US$1.1bil (RM3.5bil) mark.

Hackers nabbed by Thai cops

b>BANGKOK:/bTwo German men were arrested for allegedly hacking Internet banking information from a teacher, causing her to lose 700,000 baht (RM69,000), the Thai News Agency (TNA) reported.

Yahoo! Japan to use Google search technology

b>TOKYO:/bYahoo! Japan Corp will use Google technology to run its search engine and search ad delivery system, after a similar deal in the United States was derailed by regulators concerned about a monopoly.

Citibank hands mobile account-access to customers

b>KUALA LUMPUR:/bCitibank customers nationwide can now access their online banking services right from their smartphones and other portable devices such as PDAs and iPads.