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D on Droid: Google's picks on the best apps of 2013

Take a look at the 11 apps that have made the best apps list of 2013 by Google.


Facial recognition specialist presents unauthorised app for Google Glass

Lambda Labs has uploaded a video to YouTube demonstrating its innovative app designed for use with Google Glass.


Is Microsoft planning a mini Surface with ‘Kinect' gesture technology?

According to sources, the Surface Mini will make its debut in early 2014 and it is expected to feature gesture and facial recognition technology.


This Xerox multi-function printer “sees” you

FUJI Xerox’s latest ApeosPort-V C/DocuCenter-V C series automatically wakes up from “sleep” mode when it senses a user nearby.


New centralised labour quarters open in Cochrane for MRT tunnellers

FOR the workers carrying out underground and tunnelling works for the Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT project, a hard day’s work does not end with going home to dingy, ramshackled construction workers’ quarters.


Britain's Tesco to scan shoppers' faces

Britain's biggest retailer Tesco is to install screens at its petrol stations that scan customers' faces so that advertising can be tailored to their age and gender.


US surveillance leaks threaten police use of new technologies: official

Public disclosures about US government surveillance threaten the ability of police to use powerful new technologies such as drones and mobile license plate readers, a top law enforcement official said on Sunday.


Spinning a stronger web

One year after Otto Octavius swapped minds with Peter Parker, our columnist finally concedes that the new Spider-Man actually IS superior.


Security firm says iPhone bug can thwart device wiper

The vulnerability could potentially give criminals time to break into Apple phones.


Japan glasses translate menu as you read

Now you can tell your katsudon from your unadon.