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Is 2014 really the hottest year ever?

Record average temperatures highlight the urgent need to agree to a global deal on carbon emissions.

Pond turtles are starving to death in California

In the wake of the prolonged drought, a lake that is a crucial turtle habitat becomes a death trap.

Flora and fauna saved in Panama Canal expansion

Rescue efforts ensure that rare animals and plants are not sacrificed.

Coffee's genes unlocked, now it's time to tweak it!

Coffee’s genes get mapped out by scientists looking for ways to improve the perfect cup of joe.

Bone stash reveals new dino species

The remains included bones of at least 47 individual flying reptiles.

Crop survival in a hot climate

In a world that is warming too fast, farming methods will have to change.

New ways with wastewater

Cities in the United States get creative about recycling water.

Enjoy the view for now: Grand Canyon 'growth' plans a threat

Grand Canyon park officials say existing development and scarcity of water have stressed the park’s ability to handle visitors. New projects will make matters worse.

Wildlife in the cities

When conditions in the countryside get hostile, the urban environment may be the best place for animals to be.

Store rain in your garden

A rain garden captures stormwater and lets it flow back into the soil.