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Old is gold

How I wish I had not thrown out Grandmother#8217;s SEA Emporium (PJ) metal tray and Grandfather#8217;s old LP records, thinking them mere junk. For now, right before our eyes, were the very same metal trays and LPs being sold, with the records going for RM10 each!


Haven for man and beast

The scene looks like a mythical painting of a monk and tiger walking together in peaceful companionship but it indeed is real. A monastery in Thailand is a sanctuary for tigers and other wildlife where even visitors can safely walk among the magnificent beasts.


Pampered Tengku Wazirol proves his mettle

Tengku Wazirol Azam Raja Jamoon was a I>manja /I>(pampered) boy and very close to his mother. However, during a crisis on Sunday night, when lightning struck a group of 31 campers, including Tengku Wazirol, on Gunung Rajah near here, the teenager showed his true colours and proved his mettle.


Selling pua to the world

TO the uninitiated, it looks like a ragged piece of cloth. But to Sarawakian art collector Edric Ong, the I>pua kumbu /I>is proof that a delightful folk tale passed down through many generations of Ibans is rooted in truth.

Other Sport

France part ways with 'Diomede'

France have reluctantly decided to part company with their World Cup mascot Diomede, the cockerel who has been with the squad since they arrived in Australia.


The Killing Fields revisited

Can you imagine a place where babies had their heads smashed against trees while their agonised mothers watched; where life was so cheap that people were killed with blows rather than bullets; where bodies were thrown carelessly into pits by the dozens?That place was the Killing Fields. And you can visit it today as a tourist in Cambodia.


Coddled and charmed

Houses on stilts are nothing new in Malaysia. But throw in a beautiful tropical island, with activities and luxury galore, and you wind up with a romantic, relaxing retreat, as LEE SIEW PENG discovered upon checking into the Langkawi Lagoon Resort.


No scenes of panic in Baghdad

The streets were fairly quiet following power and water cuts in Baghdad on Thursday night.


Fighting cockerel slashes boy, killing him

Murut villager Tungkaling Ratu had been preparing his cockerel for a cock-fighting match to respect the death of a local personality in Kampung Murni in the interior district of Nabawan, some 200km from Kota Kinabalu.


Goat, sheep, ram - which is it?

PHILIP GOLINGAI is goaded into finding out which animal the Chinese New Year is supposed to herald and why the confusion.