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Celebrity doc disciplined for controversial hormone therapy

A US doctor, who has treated celebrities like Cindy Crawford and Suzanne Somers, was disciplined for using controversial hormone therapy to treat menopausal symptoms.


3 Malaysian female hosts spill their best-kept beauty secrets

Three dynamic Malaysian women speak about how hard work, unwavering focus and being well-groomed are keys to their success as event hosts.

Food News

Curious Cook: A quiet month of denialism

Columnist Chris Chan discusses a curious response that is crucial in the dietary habits of people – if humans did not have this response, it would be impossible for many people to enjoy many foods.


71-year-old Combat FC co-founder John Lim is fighting fit for his age

Capt John Lim has learned all kinds of martial arts and qigong. He still retains his youthful looks and a full head of black hair, thanks to his positive outlook and healthy lifestyle.


Do you suffer from severe pain and abnormal periods?

If a woman suffers from pain during their periods and has trouble conceiving, but tests reveal nothing wrong with her, it could be endometriosis.


Beautiful Stripes: Who to believe – experts or social media?

We waver between experts and their studies, and social media which has bestowed powers upon influencers.


How to tell if your baby is allergic or intolerant to milk

There’s a big difference between cow milk protein allergy and lactose intolerance, although they may appear similar to anxious parents.


Liver issues that should not be ignored

About 60% of Malaysians risk dying from a fatty liver. This is when the liver contains over 5% of fat, indicating that it is no longer breaking down fat efficiently.


The Al-Tibb exhibition at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia delves into ancient medical knowledge

Medical manuscripts and other artefacts come together in Al-Tibb at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia


The H4RD truth that every man should know

When it's not happening in the bedroom, the man should see a doctor instead of seeking solutions on the Internet.