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Is it a thriller or a soap opera?

It remains to be seen whether voters will find the run-up to the next election a gripping drama or whether they will tune out.

Remembering the Russian Revolution

A hundred years on from one of mankind’s most momentous occasions, it’s worth remembering the spark of hope that it gave the world.

Why the US travel ban is pointless

Rather than stopping terrorists, the policy could even provide more fodder for extremist recruiters.

Your favourite novels are becoming movies (and TV shows) this year

This year’s got everything from crazy clowns to devoted dogs.

Speaking artfully

Peninsular Malaysia is paying more attention to Sabah and Sarawak – and not only for political reasons. Artists from those states are reaching out to new audiences to tell stories of the ‘other Malaysia’.

Database aims to stop rogue traders

LONDON: You’re young and want to get ahead. First in and last out of your Wall Street office. You work weekends and message colleagues with inspired trading ideas at all hours. Guess what? You’ve just marked yourself as a potential rogue trader.

Justifying funding for higher education

Universities should take research and other academic activities seriously, so that they too will be taken seriously.

We are not fine if we do not define

The law works best when there’s clarity and certainty. Otherwise, it’s a dangerous guessing game.

Let’s go further than just demos

The plight of the Rohingya is the first big test for the Asean Charter and the Asean Human Rights Declaration.

Avoid path to unjust laws

We are in danger of becoming a country that may be exploited by some.