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Brazil to declare no-fly zone over World Cup stadiums

BRASILIA (Reuters) - The Brazilian Air Force will declare no-fly zones over World Cup stadiums to prevent terrorist attacks during this year's soccer tournament, but there's a catch: it can't shoot down intruders, for now.

Missing MH370 Photo Gallery Day 15

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing mysteriously disappeared from radar on March 8, 2014.

Australia widens MH370 search area as hunt ramps up

PERTH, Australia: Australian rescue officials broadened the search area for missing Malaysian flight MH370 Saturday and boosted the number of spotter planes looking for it in the Indian Ocean, with weather conditions favourable.

Syria can meet target for chemical disarmament - mission chief

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syria could ship out its remaining chemical weapons within a month and still meet a mid-year target for their final destruction, the head of an international mission overseeing the delayed disarmament operation said on Friday.

Missing MH370: Out-of-this-world theories abound

MALACCA: Forget hijacking or technical ­problems – some people are just adamant that the missing Flight MH370 was stolen by genies or aliens.

Missing MH370: Stress and tension start to show on journalists covering event

SEPANG: The stress and tension looming over the search for missing Flight MH370 are starting to show on journalists, too.

Missing MH370: US airborne oil tankers sought in search efforts

SEPANG: Malaysian authorities are looking into the possibility of asking the United States for airborne oil tankers to make the Search and Rescue (SaR) effort in the southern corridor more efficient.

Missing MH370: Indonesia issues 49 flight clearances for foreign aircraft

JAKARTA: Indonesia has issued 49 flight clearances for aircraft from seven countries to search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 after the focus of the operation shifted to the Indian Ocean.

Missing MH370: Frustrated family members demand for answers at briefing in Beijing

BEIJING: Frustrated relatives of Chinese passengers on board the missing MH370 grilled a senior officer of the Royal Malaysian Air Force, demanding to know if Malaysia was doing all it could to find the missing MH370 aircraft.

Missing MH370: Aussie planes search remote seas

PERTH: Spotter planes spent a second day scouring a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean for wreckage from Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, coming home with nothing to show.