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AseanPlus News 09 Oct 2018 | 11:27 PM

Dinosaur eggs unearthed in Chinese city with history of the giant reptiles

Construction crew stumbles on fossilised nest identified as belonging to the Cretaceous period

Asia & Oceania 28 Sep 2018 | 7:02 AM

A hotel in Japan ‘employs’ robot dinosaurs to serve guests

Who needs humans? Henn-na Hotel in Tokyo, Japan places two robot dinosaurs at the front desk to not only greet guests, but to process their check-ins too!

TECH 16 Sep 2018 | 3:00 AM

New iPhone features coming in iOS 12

A new generation of iPhones means a new iOS for Apple smartphone users. Among the many things coming in the 12th edition are a smarter version of Siri, a measuring app and better ways to spend time away from your phone.

AseanPlus News 13 Sep 2018 | 11:16 PM

China tourists publicly shamed for leaving Airbnb rental in filthy condition

Students had left rubbish piled up in a flat in Japan and scrawled rude messages in guest book

AseanPlus News 11 Sep 2018 | 11:16 PM

Chinese visitor to wildlife reserve stamps on alligator but somehow lives to tell the tale

Wildlife staff said the man had been drinking before he tried to goad the creature

TECH 04 Sep 2018 | 12:00 AM

Robotel: Japan hotel staffed by robot dinosaurs

The reception at the Henn na Hotel east of Tokyo is eerily quiet until customers approach the robot dinosaurs manning the front desk. Their sensors detect the motion and they bellow "Welcome".

AseanPlus News 29 Aug 2018 | 7:12 AM

Chinese tourists damage ancient Danxia landform where dinosaurs roamed, post video to brag

Two turn themselves in after posting video showing them trampling coloured sands of the protected land formation dating back 100 million years

Food News 22 Aug 2018 | 7:05 AM

Love Food Hate Waste: From tapioca to tapas

Are we eating better than before? Do we waste more food? Time to take stock to future secure our food.

So Aunty, So What? 22 Aug 2018 | 12:00 AM

Of klongs, dongs and fake news

I HAD a “klong” moment last week. Nope, I wasn’t in Thailand and I didn’t fall into one of their canals, which is what klong means in Thai. It is a word that American reporters are apparently familiar with, as I discovered when I read a comment by Brian Dickerson of the Detroit Free Press in the Sunday Star.