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Moon Knight, Marvel's answer to Batman

The closest character Marvel has to Batman, the underrated Moon Knight benefits from a masterful marrying of his core elements and a newly, darkly, complex plot.

Science & Technology

Clouds on the moon? Blame it on meteors!

Scientists have found vast clouds of moon dust floating above the lunar surface that grow each time there is a meteor shower on Earth.

Science & Technology

Don't make fun of the moon's scars

The moon’s surface may be more dynamic than once thought.


Above Full Moon: Glowing, engaging and entertaining to watch

Above Full Moon is a musical production filled with talent and inspiration.


Half of all the books at indie bookshop The Moon are by women writers

At The Moon, a new bookshop in Singapore, at least half the books are by female writers.


A rich array of Thai food at La Moon

Erawan's former chef Korn is now at La Moon, where he turns out a delicious array of Thai food like laksa salad, sweet corn salad, beef green curry and papaya with egg.


Watch on the moon: Omega pop-up marks 50th year of Apollo 11 mission

Omega pop-up exhibit at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur celebrates 50th anniversary of the moon mission and the first watch on the moon.


Walking On The Moon: Amin Gulgee's cosmic sculptures

Amin Gulgee traces his journey as a sculptor in the Walking On The Moon exhibition.

Science & Technology

Moon tours will have to wait until mid 2019

Moon tours have been put on hold for now, as technical and production challenges are disrupting founder Elon Musk’s plans for human exploration of the solar system. The project could possibly continue in the middle of next year..


3 BTS songs are going to the moon on NASA's next lunar journey

Three BTS songs will hit the playlist of the American space agency's next journey to the moon as the agency is planning to make another lunar landing by 2024, the agency's SNS feeds have shown.