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Vodafone to create separate towers company

LONDON: Vodafone Group Plc plans to carve out its phone towers into a new business and consider an initial public offering or minority stake sale to lower debt.

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Pride and prejudice

An Asian nation’s ascent to the top of the economic hill is causing a global superpower to quake in its boots.


T-Mobile and Sprint plan concessions to get US$26.5bil merger cleared

NEW YORK: T-Mobile US Inc and Sprint Corp are planning to announce commitments to the US government including asset sales and rural-service guarantees to help secure regulatory approval for their US$26.5bil merger, according to sources.


5G is here. Is it a technological leap forward – or a health concern?

5G, the fifth generation of wireless, promises lightning-fast download speeds and could lay the foundation for high-tech advancements like self-driving cars.


San Francisco can reject 5G equipment it views as too ugly

San Francisco can reject 5G wireless equipment that it views as detracting from the city’s beauty, a setback for wireless carriers which may now have to remap new networks or disguise antennas as palm fronds or building cornices.


To imagine the ‘5G’ future, revisit our recent wireless past

As you ready your confetti for the next-generation wireless network, 5G, let’s remember what did – and didn’t – emerge from 4G a decade ago.


Apple doesn’t have a 5G iPhone yet. It may already have trouble sourcing components

Apple Inc is expected to wait until 2020 before it releases a 5G version of its iPhone, but even with a time frame that puts a potential launch after rivals such as Samsung, Apple may still struggle to get the necessary components to build the product.


Huawei opens Brussels security lab in bid to reassure EU

China’s Huawei opens Brussels security lab, stepping up effort to win over EU policymakers.


Huawei gaining support despite US ban

China’s telecommunications giant is making progress in gaining more customers for its 5G technology amid US-led anti-Huawei campaign.