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Apple gives NFC chip technology a prized seal of approval

Apple Inc's long-awaited launch of tap-to-pay technology in its new iPhones and smartwatch may be the seal of approval that near-field communication technology needs to become as commonplace as WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.


iPhone 6 and Apple Watch seen boosting NFC technology

Apple Inc's move into mobile payments, announced on Tuesday with the launch of its new iPhone 6 phones and the Apple Watch, is expected to give a boost to the wireless technology behind it, called near-field communications (NFC), analysts and makers of the technology say.


Apple's iOS 12 could be opening doors with NFC technology, literally

According to a report, the upcoming version of Apple's mobile operating system could bring new NFC features, enabling iPhones to open hotel rooms and even car doors.


Tap your phone’s potential

Make your Android device smarter using a little-known technology called NFC.


Hidden in plain sight

NFC technology is most prevalent in smartphones but it is also being implemented in an increasing number of products, from toys to HDTVs.


Tap to print

Samsung has introduced three new printers that can take advantage of NFC (Near Field Communication) to allow users to print from their mobile devices just by tapping them on the printer.


Retailers seen unlikely to warm up to Apple Pay

Apple Inc's launch of its own tap-to-pay system using near-field communication in its new iPhones and smartwatches may not be a game changer after all.