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Asean economy poised to grow 6% in next five years

KUALA LUMPUR: The Asean economy has bright prospects and has the potential to grow at 6.0% annually in the next five years, in spite of the global geopolitical issues, said Khazanah Nasional Bhd board member, Tan Sri Andrew Sheng.

Sheng says the digital economy is one way to advance the development in the region.

Beating the drums of war

IN the last fortnight, the world was treated to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump calling each other names from rocket man to dotard.

Fate of humanity: Kim making a statement regarding Trump’s speech at the UN general assembly. The fate of humanity rests today on 33-year-old Kim and 71-year-old Trump. — Reuters

Living at the edge of chaos

THIS month, two Category 4 hurricanes hit the United States within 17 days of each other. In Asia, North Korea is threatening nuclear Armageddon, and floods and famine are putting thousands of lives at risk from Bangladesh to Yemen. How can one survive in this chaotic era?

Nature’s fury: A car dealership is covered by Hurricane Harvey floodwaters near Houston, Texas. The chaos caused by the hurricane proves that climate change is not fake science. — Reuters

Are we already in bubble territory?

AS the long hot summer is drenched by disaster floods in Houston, Bangladesh and India, whilst financial markets continue to hit record highs, we need to ask whether financial markets are simply over-valued or already in bubble territory?

Buyer or sucker?: A file picture showing a man using a smartphone to buy bitcoin from a bitcoin ATM in Tokyo. It is an asset with no intrinsic value and not the liability of anyone. Hence, its value is totally dependent on finding the next buyer, or perhaps sucker. — Bloomberg

Long hot summer of the Arab Spring

Think Asian - By Andrew Sheng
WHAT has happened in Charlottesville showed that temperatures and tempers are flaring in this long hot summer. Is the Arab Spring spreading worldwide due to climate warming?

From fintech to edtech

LAST week my elder brother made a remark that shook my understanding of education, “I learn today more from YouTube than I have learnt all my life”. In truth, we are bombarded by so much information that we have knowledge indigestion.

From black swans to grey rhinos

Think Asian - By Andrew Sheng
EVERY crisis event is best remembered by a concept that explains it in simple terms.

Grey rhino shock: File picture of the headquarters of the Lehman Brothers investment bank on Sixth Avenue in New York. In the 2007 market crash, the grey rhino shock led to Lehman’s failure. — AFP

The biggest disruption is in jobs

THE 20th Anniversary of the Asian financial crisis and 10th Anniversary of the North Atlantic financial crisis brought back a sense of déjà vu – we have been here before.

May into June

Think Asian by ANDREW SHENG
APRIL is the cruelest month, so said the famous poet TS Eliot. But one wit remarked that June marks the end of May.

May loses majority: May making a statement regarding the Grenfell Tower fire in the House of Commons in London recently. She lost her majority in Parliament in the June election which was supposed to strengthen her hand in negotiating Brexit with the European Union. – AFP

Remembering July 1997

WAS it only 20 years ago that we were at the Convention Centre in Hong Kong celebrating the return of Hong Kong to China on July 1 1997?