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Is democracy in retreat?

A fortnight ago, markets were going great guns, with the S&P 500 hitting record high, even as there was increasing evidence that global trade and many economies were slowing. Last week the markets took a sharp turn as the White House twittered that tariffs would once again be escalated for US-China trade.

With North Korea again testing missiles, Iranian tensions rising and US politics becoming more divisive by the day, what is going on?(File pic shows US President on a speaking tour in Florida last week.)

The existential crisis of Pax Americana

IS the world in crisis or is it only a crisis of the neo-liberal order?

What is the long-term growth model of Asia?

AS the weather warms up in the Northern Hemisphere from a bitter winter, there is concern that the world is moving towards a synchronised global slowdown. This is a massive contrast to only a year ago, when the consensus was optimistic of a synchronised global recovery.

Digital platform: A Go-Jek logo is pictured in the company’s office in Singapore. — Reuters

An existential identity crisis

Having visited Washington DC, London and Beijing in the last fortnight, the eerie feeling is a perspective of confused existentialism. In Washington, the mood is “My Way or No Way”; in London, “If Brexit, May Exit”, and in Beijing, “One Belt, One Road”.

Flying blind in the cross-Atlantic crises

Think Asian - By Andrew Sheng
FLYING to Washington DC and London this week, news came of the tragic Ethiopian Boeing 737 Max 8 jet crash almost immediately after take-off, eerily similar to what happened just five months ago to the Lion Air Max 8 jet that also crashed after takeoff from Jakarta last year.

Boeing 737 Max jets are grounded at Sky Harbor International Airport, Thursday, March 14, 2019 in Phoenix. The U.S. issued an immediate emergency order Wednesday, grounding all 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft in the wake of the crash of an Ethiopian Airliner. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Investing in an age of disruption

THERE are few investors who deliver solid results year after year. Hedge funds often get spectacular results, then crash and burn. The world’s most successful investor, Warren Buffett, has just delivered another annual letter to the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders that make fascinating reading, if only for his pithy insights into how he sees the world.

Embrace diversity or accept divorce

TWO major divorces are in the making in March. The obvious one is Brexit, which officially occurs on March 29. The other is the deadline for the US-China trade negotiations on March 1, when US tariffs on US$200bil worth of Chinese imports will increase from 10% to 25%.

The grand delusion of modern money

AS the world goes through messy divorces in Brexit and the US-China trade relationship, there is considerable angst whether we are moving into a period of disorder.

Russian roulette behind the wall of chaos

TWO years after the election of Trump and the UK referendum on Brexit, we have the bizarre events of a US government shutdown over the building of a wall with Mexico, and the UK Prime Minister overwhelmingly rejected on her proposals for Brexit.

2019 – the rise of the quantum era

THE year 2018 was an exhausting one, but it marked the exhaustion of the old neo-liberal order, willingly dismantled by President Donald Trump to the aghast of friends and foes alike.