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Duterte’s critic faces arrest

MANILA: A court has ordered Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s fiercest critic in Congress arrested after the president revoked the senator’s 2011 amnesty for a failed coup attempt and revived rebellion charges against him.

Duterte foe arrested after Philippine court revives old rebellion charges

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine police on Tuesday arrested a lawmaker who is among President Rodrigo Duterte's most vocal critics, just minutes after a court issued a warrant on revived charges of rebellion that were dropped in 2011 after an amnesty.

Regulate: ex-world leaders' solution to 'failed' drug war

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - More governments should turn away from a repressive war on drugs that has "failed" and look to proven strategies to implement regulated markets for risky substances, a group of former presidents and leaders said in a report published Monday.

In Nigeria, Shell’s onshore roots still run deep

BODO, Nigeria (Reuters) - Royal Dutch Shell wants to reweight its footprint in Nigeria to focus on oil and gas fields far offshore, away from the theft, spills, corruption and unrest that have plagued the West African country's onshore industry for decades.

From Congo to Greece's basketball league - a migrant boy's journey

THESSALONIKI, Greece (Reuters) - He fled hardship and unrest in Congo Republic with nothing but his ball and a change of clothes. Now, not yet 18, Christ Wamba is training with a professional basketball club in Europe.

Vietnamese teacher jailed for attempted subversion

HANOI: A court in northern Vietnam has sentenced a former primary schoolteacher to 14 years in prison after finding him guilty on charges of attempting to overthrow the communist government.

In Colombia, victims of sexual abuse speak out after peace deal

SOACHA, Colombia (Reuters) - Yeimy sobbed with her head in her hands as she described how her husband was tied to a pole, gagged and made to watch as she was raped by four fighters from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) 12 years ago.

Hungary sentences Syrian migrant to five years' jail for border riot

SZEGED, Hungary (Reuters) - A Hungarian court sentenced a Syrian-Cypriot man to five years in prison on Thursday for crossing the border as part of a riot during the migrant crisis, in a case that has drawn criticism from the European Parliament and Amnesty International.

Rights group accuses Mexican armed forces of unlawful killings

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexican troops and police committed two extrajudicial killings while confronting presumed fuel thieves in the central state of Puebla in May 2017, a Mexican human rights group said on Wednesday, adding to allegations of abuse against the military.

Amnesty says crackdown turns Egypt into an 'open air prison' for critics

CAIRO (Reuters) - Amnesty International on Wednesday accused Egypt's government of mounting a crackdown on freedom of expression that had turned the country into an "open-air prison" for critics.