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Chinese woman arrested trying to buy a baby over the internet

Would-be mother said she had no idea it was illegal and was just following family practice

Why stalking, cyberbullying and doxxing are so harmful and what makes people do it

People’s reliance on technology and social media has led to a rise in cyberbullying, doxxing and stalking. It is increasingly common among children and teens. A psychologist and parent offer their takes on the phenomenon.

A new study by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University revealed that more than half of the city’s secondary school pupils have had personal data and photos published on social media and instant messaging apps without their knowledge and consent. — SCMP

Economic cold war between China and US inevitable

Both sides will find it hard to step back in the confrontation over trade and the result will be a world divided in a deja vu of the old cold war days

Why are China and India so interested in the Maldives?

Power balance between the two Asian giants may be about to shift

Google says partnering with China on talent ecosystem is key

Themed as “AI For Everyone”, the Shanghai forum touched on Google’s artificial intelligence research and applications in areas such as health care, astronomy and arts.

When it came to Google’s current development plans in China, Yagnik was more circumspect, saying there were no 'specific' further plans at this point.  — SCMP

China demands apology over Swedish broadcaster’s comedy show on tourist spat

Attacks on programme and its presenter are the latest turn in an international incident that began when three Chinese visitors arrived at a Stockholm hostel well before check-in time

Nepali man arrested for role in US$786,000 robbery of Hong Kong jewellery store

Suspect charged over incident that resulted in two store employees being slashed with meat knives

Chinese student who could ‘never love my country’ expelled after two weeks for being unpatriotic

Civil engineering undergraduate insulted a nation with his ‘extremely erroneous remarks’, propaganda department rules

Woman found dead after Yuen Long flat fire

Third-alarm blaze broke out in Emerald Green residential estate building just after 5.20pm on Sunday

Why China’s elite athletes soar internationally as its schoolkids plod at home

While Beijing spends heavily training elite athletes to win gold medals, its young people remain unable – or reluctant – to exercise owing to a lack of facilities, a shortage of qualified teachers and safety concerns