Love is all around

With Valentine's Day around the corner, one's thoughts naturally turn to love - or the lack thereof - in one's life.

More so than any other time of the year, Thought Catalog articles with headlines like "This Is The Real Reason Why You're Single" and EliteDaily listicles on how to get over a broken heart are probably experiencing a surge in clicks.

For the more musically inclined, 'couple' songs are being downloaded as people prepare new lists to better soundtrack their individual experiences, or to beef up a slimmer music library after the deletion of playlists once held dear.  

With pairs scrambling to make Valentine's plans - why, oh why, did it have to fall on a Saturday this year? - singletons are seeing to themselves by either meeting the commercialized occasion with outright rejection, bemused indifference, or joining in the fun with Galentine's (girlfriend) brunches and spa sessions.

Still, the lack of romantic love can be disheartening for the weary and the wounded.   Its loss is lamented, its departure a despair. But it is a beautiful thing to remember that at any given time, love is truly all around, and not just the sort heralded by fat-bottomed Cupids and pastel candy hearts every year.

Love can be as simple as checking if the colours will run when you help someone sort through their laundry, or staying up past your usual bedtime for extended Skype heart-to-hearts with a troubled friend in a different timezone.

You can be an unknowing recipient, the same way a child skips ahead happily, burden-free save for a small water tumbler in her hand, while her grandmother trails behind with slow and patient steps, a heavy school bag on her bent back.

It is in the furrowed brow of a teacher, tired from the day's packed lesson plans, yet still staying back after official school hours to ensure each student's assignment is marked and graded accordingly. The quiet resignation of a parent stuck in rush hour traffic as they patiently make their way to their child's recital.

Love is even in between the lines of an impassioned Facebook post about the state of affairs in one s country, and the backbone of a decision to stay and do what you can for your fellow countryman.

It can also be as commonplace as a regular Whatsapp message asking to spend time together, or a homemade meal of a childhood favourite mentioned only once before and painstakingly prepared after.

It can be the undertaking of an inconvenience to your person for the benefit of another, or a simple spite-free joy for their achievements.

It can even be found in a raised voice, like a parent urgently correcting a child's grievous mistake, so that babes will not harm themselves with bad behaviour.

If your environment is a little lacking, you yourself can be a wellspring of this most noble intention, whether in word or deed or thought, and edify your immediate surroundings.

Perhaps then it will be clear that love is not only all around, but abounds.

So to the lovers, the beloved and the loving - a very Happy Valentine's Day to you.

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