Stop the politics of neglecting people’s welfare

IT has been close to 18 months since Covid-19 hit our shores and battered us so badly in almost all aspects of our lives. Yet, the Perikatan Nasional’s continuous aid and assistance meant to salvage not just our lives but livelihoods and transcend all barriers have extraordinarily helped ease our sufferings and difficulties.

The RM530bil worth of comprehensive economic package stimuli, the cash handouts, the food basket programmes, wage subsidy scheme, all forms of grants, the billions of ringgit of allocations to fight Covid-19, the ramping up of Covid-19 vaccination nationwide and all those mitigating, caregiving social and economic measures– you just name it.

So, let me put it like this - aren’t all those the characteristics, traits, functions and elements of a caring and responsible government? Aren’t all those aid packages meant for the people to survive and sail through these bad, tough times?

To me, this government-of-the-day has done its very best in truest and extraordinary form so far to be with and for the people since the very day Perikatan Nasional took over power at the start of the pandemic last year. I find it extremely peculiar and impossible that irresponsible, vested-interest quarters - the Opposition in particular - are still hell-bent on creating divisions and provocations amongst the people. They will bend science to serve their political goals.

These quarters know very well that all this will only lead to restlessness, uncertainties and instability, but do they care? Of course, the answers are crystal-clear – they do so because of their self-interest, greed for power, ulterior motives and vested interest in pursuit of their narrow, materialistic selfish gains and agendas.

It seems that the people’s well-being and interests come second. Maybe, they do not have a place at all in their mind – the reason for these prevailing social and economic uncertainties. These quarters are too selfish to understand that their selfishness and otherness would have dire consequences that extend beyond impacting on people’s lives and livelihoods and the country’s economy.

At this point in time, politicking seems to have partly overwhelmed all ongoing efforts and measures being implemented by the government to fight the pandemic. While the government has primarily and significantly addressed health concerns and all via ongoing programmes and measures, certain quarters and opposition members are trying hard to legitimize their “dirty politicking” and actions to grab power from the present government.

Don’t they ever harbour the thought that Covid-19, with the emergence of those deadly variants, can actually mark the end of their affluence politics? They must remember that the virus can easily smash into their politics and end their life in unpredictable ways.

The number of deaths due to the virus have surpassed 8,000 while the number of those infected has reached over one million people. It is time to treat political desperation as alien in current times. It’s high time for all those quarters to do less politics but get aggressive through their involvement with the government in fighting this invincible enemy.

To these quarters, please stop the politics of ignoring and neglecting people’s welfare and well-being before it is too late. We have gone through this “world of unreality of this pandemic-induced” for far too long.

Abdullah Awang ,Semerah, Batu Pahat,Johor

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