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  • Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

THERE has been a lot of buzz since the outcome of the by-election at Tanjung Piai in Johor on Saturday. I congratulate Datuk Seri Dr Wee Jeck Seng on his resounding victory. It seems very clear that the constituents wanted him back to serve them based on the experience they had with him for two terms prior to GE14.

From what I have read about Dr Wee, he has served his constituents needs irrespective of race. He serves everyone, which is an important message that should come across loud and clear to everyone who has been voted into their position by the rakyat.

What does the result of the Tanjung Piai by-election actually tell us? Here are a few of my personal thoughts:

> Do not EVER underestimate the rakyat! In this day and age, even in the smaller towns and rural areas, people are much more aware of the state of the country and the antics of politicians on both sides of the fence, enabling them to make a more informed decision.

> Every single person who was voted in during GE14 2018 has an obligation to serve the rakyat and not to use their position to benefit themselves, whether as a member of Parliament or state assemblies. For those who have ministerial appointments, you have an even bigger task on hand because the destiny of the country lies in your hands. We the rakyat have entrusted you with it. Please do not betray that trust.

> When the rakyat went to the polls during GE14, we voted for the change that Pakatan Harapan had assured us would be their primary focus should they win. Yes, some things have come to fruition but, unfortunately, many things have not.

Please re-visit what was promised and start focusing on delivering on them. There is still time, but all the in-fighting and racial politics must stop immediately.

Relook at the priorities of issues to be dealt with, for example our education system. This is a good example of a lack of focus – instead of addressing fundamental issues, other things are being introduced.

I trust that all concerned, not only the government but also

the Opposition take heed of the voice of the rakyat. Please focus

on addressing the needs of the rakyat by working together responsibly.

We need both factions to ensure credible checks and balances. Personal priorities need to be put aside for there is a much bigger agenda on hand to be dealt with, that is, the wellbeing of the rakyat and the prosperity of our beloved country.


Petaling Jaya

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